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Paris is always a good idea

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10 Song Shuffle Tag

You can tell a lot about a person with the type of music they listen too. Put your iTunes playlist or any playlist on shuffle and tell us the first 10 songs!

I was tagged by mermaidkisses-starfishwishes ! Thanks! :)

1.) Back to December - Taylor Swift

2.) Haunt - Bastille

3.) C’mon C’mon - One Direction

4.) Dance Dance - Fall Out Boy

5.) Guns and Horses - Ellie Goulding 

6.) Abc cafe/ Red and Black - Les Mis

7.) 22 - Taylor Swift 

8.) White Nights - Oh Land 

9.) Love is Easy - McFly 

10.) Little Bird - Ed Sheeran 

There should be way more Bastille. haha 

Does my music match my blog? 

I’m tagging boettonme, workingclasslass, and brightcx